Sweet Caroline is a concept band created by Caroline Baehner, composer and lead singer.  The Sweet Caroline consists of Caro and her hired accompaniment.  She recorded Skye in a loft in downtown Kansas City in 2009. Then she hired a guitar player to record it at his accompaniment of 7 songs at Massive Sound in Shawnee, Kansas. All told, Skye is a double disk with 15 minute sides.  It was mastered at West End Recording in Kansas City, Kansas on State Line.


Skye received several press reviews and a radio interview on KKFI, and wound up being performed by Robert Thursday with Guest musicians including Ryan Lee Toms 2009-2011, then by the Delta Dogs 2011-2012 at local Kansas City bars, clubs, and First Fridays Art Gallery Crawl in the Crossroads, in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Music videos and directors next came calling, collaborating on videos such as Epic Space, American Beauty Myth, and others. The Sweet Caroline received  overwhelming ratings on music charts such as Number1Music and Reverbnation music charts: sweetness!


Skye then went on to a cancelled year of festivals including the 2013 Fringe Festival after performing the Block Party, and so her Sweet Caroline and the Deja VooDoos quit in 2013.


Her beautiful single “One More Right” was released in 2014 with a visual interpretation painted by Teresa Magel entitled “Blooming”. The two creative women met at the Westport Art Fair. Their productive collaboration gave birth to a short film entitled “Violet Wish”: the visual is about not exploiting the feminine and the art of desire. The movie was finally released at the Every Picture Tells A Story Festival in November 2011.


Next, Please is Caroline’s answer to those lonely years of broken hearts on the road. Recorded at Weights & Measures Soundlab in downtown Kansas City, Missouri 2014-2015,  Caroline both hits hard with societal issues and sings of relationships’ ends, failures, baggage emotionally, break ups, meeting up to jam, touring. expatriates, and slightly her take on the charges she had to press against a stalker. She is ASCAP.


Next, Please! garnered an Akademia win for Best Electronica/Pop Album for the month of July 2015. She is currently on a Global Music Network of radio stations and is working on a third album. In October 2015 KXRL in Los Angeles ratings pulled another Akademia Music Award for #1 on the music charts.


She studied music in San Francisco 1997-99, UMKC 95-97, and at The Toon Shop in 1988-89. Her education included cello, voice, gospel, keys, and guitar: rock and gospel, blues and funk. She sang competitively in high school and college. She was attacked in Los Angeles to critical injury, took time off to relocate from UCLA , and eventually felt strong enough to record.


Thank you for performing The Sweet Caroline with her and for listening. TO all involved.